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Viessmann Refrigeration Systems ApS
CVR number 34719381
Recording of phone calls
When you call Viessmann Service DK central switchboard (4566 2128), your call will be recorded. The purpose is to document that our office and/or on-call system has received calls regarding refrigeration systems cooling temperature-sensitive products. The processing is necessary to meet the demands of our customers, enabling them to ensure compliance with food safety regulations (General Data Protection Regulation Article 6, paragraph 1, letter b). Recorded telephone conversations are retained for one year, after which they are automatically deleted. We collect personal data directly from you.

One number around the clock - Call +45 4566 2128

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  • Sales and Project ​Management
  • Service administration
  • Finance

Sales and Project ​Management

Jørgen Ludvigsen

Head of Turnkey Business

+45 31398616

Henrik Thomassen

Convenience Manager

+45 20363640


Johan Holm Kronvold

Key Account Manager

+45 40952147

Service administration

Gitte Dahl Christensen

Administration support

+45 40440393

Martin Graversen

Service manager West

+45 4044 0378

Kirsten Bisgaard Nielsen

Administrative support

+45 40440362

Martin Toft Funck

Service Manager

+45 4214 1501


Anders Andersen

Technical manager

+45 51664694


Anette Larsen

Bookkeeping and payroll

+45 4214 1511


Anette Matzon

Finance Controller