Food retail solutions

Comfortable and efficient refrigeration solutions for food retail

In our energy efficient refrigeration solutions' portfolio you can find display cabinets, cold and freezer rooms and refrigeration systems. With the help of these solutions you can make your store inspiring and energy efficient with maximized merchandising and cold storage facilities.

Sustainable commercial refrigeration solutions for hypermarkets and supermarkets

We help food retailing customers to create a unique and inspiring shopping experience with sustainable refrigeration solutions. Our solutions support in merchandising and preserving temperature sensitive products in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Viessmann Reference - Coop Svalbard, Norway
Viessmann reference - Edeka Koch, Germany
Viessmann reference - ICA Kvantum, Sweden
Viessmann reference - K-Supermarket Centrum, Finland

Top level energy efficieny and maximised merchandising for discount stores

Make the most out of your discount store space and layout with Viessmann’s solutions. Build your store with our cabinets, cold rooms and refrigeration systems to achieve effective merchandising and energy savings. Upgrade your store, increase your sales and save in your operating costs.

Upgrade your store - optimise floor space!

Viessmann reference - discounter store Aldi Nord
Viessmann EuroShop 2023

Flexible and optimal solutions home deliveries, dark stores and locker systems

With our complete solution portfolio and experience, we can optimize your quick delivery process. Always the right temperatures of course. Our solutions are flexible, adaptable to your ever changing needs and have a high efficiency combined with a low noise level.

Ready for your future needs.

Food retail references

Our refrigeration solutions are the preferred choice of many customers within food retail. Take a look into our customer references. 

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Refrigeration cabinets, remote

Create an inspiring in-store shopping experience in the entire store

Refrigeration cabinets, plug-in

Upgrade your store - optimise floor space

Refrigeration systems

Complete turnkey solutions for indoor and outdoor installations