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Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Epta S.pA. have formed a joint venture for commercial refrigeration in Central and Northern Europe.

Epta - VRS joint venture

Customer solutions

Viessmann Reference - Edeka Schwebel, Germany

Food retail

Viessmann reference - 7-eleven Copenhagen

Convenience store

Flower shop

Other segments


Product solutions

Tecto IS7 in store

Refrigerated cabinets, remote

Tecto SV8 PI -  plug-in multideck

Refrigerated cabinets, plug-in

Viessmann - food services

Cold and freezer rooms


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Recording of telephone conversations

Central switchboard number

When you call Viessmann Service DK main number (4566 2128), your call will be recorded. The purpose is to document that our office and/or on-call system has received calls regarding systems cooling temperature-sensitive products. The processing is necessary to meet the demands of our customers, enabling them to ensure compliance with food safety regulations (General Data Protection Regulation Article 6, paragraph 1, letter b). Recorded telephone conversations are retained for one year, after which they are automatically deleted. We collect personal data directly from you.

In focus

VRS-Epta joint venture

Press release

Epta announces the closing of the joint venture with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

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Viessmann & Pixevia - Automated Store

Latest solution

Autonomous store - Towards a future with digital and automated food retail operations

Viessmann headquarter Allendorf - flags

Press release

Viessmann Group takes next step as an independent family business with new setup

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Viessmann reference - Foodora, Finland

Foodora market, Finland

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Viessmann - ESyCool green image

Penny Kolin, Czech Republic

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Viessmann reference - Rewe Dornseifer, Germany

Rewe Dornseifer, Germany

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Viessmann Reference - Coop Svalbard, Norway

Coop supermarket Svalbard, Norway

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